Frequently Asked Questions

[rescue_toggle title=”How can I get involved in Natalie Sheppard for RCSD’s campaign?“]Thanks for wanting to join our team! To get involved sign up for Friends of Natalie Sheppard’s email list. We will send out information about Natalie’s platform, ways to get involved, and events to attend. You can also follow Natalie on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM for more information on ways to help.[/rescue_toggle]

[rescue_toggle title=”Are there jobs or internships available?“]YES. We have internship opportunities on our campaign staff. For more information please CONTACT US.[/rescue_toggle]

[rescue_toggle title=”Where can I make a donation?“]

To make a donation online please go to our DONATION PAGE.
To make a donation offline make checks and money orders out to “Friends of Natalie Sheppard” and mail to”

Friends of Natalie Sheppard
PO Box 64486
Rochester, NY 14624

Please include your full name, mailing address, phone number, and email address inside the envelope.[/rescue_toggle]

[rescue_toggle title=”How do I fix mistakes I made with my contributions?“]If you need to adjust and/or cancel a payment, please email us at FRIENDS OF NATALIE and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.[/rescue_toggle]

[rescue_toggle title=”What is the maximum I can donate?“]Any individual can donate a maximum of $2,500 per election (primary and general elections are considered separate elections). For more information on NYS Contribution Limits, please visit the NYS Board of Elections website.[/rescue_toggle]

[rescue_toggle title=”Are online donations secure?“]YES. Our contribution transactions use SSL encryption. Electronic interactions with payment gateways and other exchanges of sensitive contributor information are also encrypted.[/rescue_toggle]