Resolution No. 2017-18: 617

Day Care Policy – 4324.1

By Member of the Board Commissioner Elliott

WHEREAS, the Board of Education adopted the Day Care policy (4324.1) in 1998 to support the needs of pregnant and parenting students at a time when teen pregnancy rates in Rochester were among the highest in New York State;

WHEREAS, teen pregnancy rates and the number of parenting students in the Rochester City School District has steadily diminished over the last 19 years since the adoption of the Day Care policy;

WHEREAS, the Board recognizes that quality child care is essential in promoting development and readiness for school, and in enabling parenting students to focus on their studies and continue their education;

WHEREAS, a recent survey of expectant and parenting students in the District regarding child care needs indicated that these students have a greater need for financial support and flexibility in selecting a child care provider than in having child care/day care provided in the school they attend;

WHEREAS, the Board will support parenting students by pursuing more flexible child care options to better meet these students’ needs, such as collaborative partnerships with child care agencies, use of community school funding to support child care for parenting students, increased funding for County child care subsidies and priority in allocating these subsidies to parenting students; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Board of Education hereby rescinds Policy 4324.1, “Day Care” as written, and directs that the Clerk update the Rochester City School Board Policy Manual accordingly.

Seconded by Member of the Board Commissioner Hallmark
Adopted 6-1 with Commissioner Sheppard dissenting