I am a leader who has worked with youth in many different capacities. I have had to deliver services in unrealistic manageability job components and lack of supportive resources. My intent to reconfigure, enforce, and create different strategies is not limited to those stated above. In order to implement anything, the budget will need to be adjusted accordingly.

I am a firm believer in identifying an area, accurately assessing it, and swiftly taking action to enhance it or eliminate it depending on whether it makes sense or doesn’t make sense.

Optimal Student Engagement

  1. Promote & Emphasize student leadership skills
  2. Student exposure to broader experiences
  3. Positive peer pressure


Enhanced Teacher Support

  1. Classroom Accommodations
  2. Flexibility to enhance academic support for students
  3. Change classroom composition


Utilizing Community Assets

  1. Mentorship Opportunities
  2. Career field exposure
  3. Promote student humility, accountability, & rehabilitation


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