Statement from Commissioner Natalie Sheppard in regards to meeting with NYS’s Commissioner MaryEllen Elia & Chancellor Betty Rosa on April 3, 2018

ROCHESTER, New York –  April 4, 2018

State Education Law 211-c {Board of Regents’ regulation 100.17} requires that our district accept the appointment of a distinguished educator. The decision has already been publicized that Dr. Kenneth Eastwood will become district Personnel. So, I feel it is the wisest choice for me, adhering to my role as a Commissioner, to respond within the legal parameters as if he were already on District payroll even though he has not officially started yet.

With that being said, I can assure you all that even when the community at large is not physically present in a meeting that I make sure your voice is heard. This includes concerns, decision reservations, goals, and overall hope of the future.

I can affirm NY State Commissioner Elia’s remarks that our meeting was cordial and constructive.

At about the 3 month mark, Dr. Eastwood will provide a report with district insight and recommendations. We, as a community, should then informally evaluate the outcomes of this decision.

I will give updates as the date draws near for us to “pull out our magnifying glasses” and review the findings. I’m going to keep hope alive that, at the very least, the community’s long standing request for inclusion, support, and implementation enforcement is underscored. I look forward to more vigorous and IMMEDIATE COLLECTIVE ACTION!



Until the next time they give me the mic,


Commissioner Sheppard